United States Postal Service Process Server

Service of Process on the USPS Postal Service Payroll Office

The payroll office for the United States Postal Service is located at:

United States Postal Service Payroll Processing Branch

2825 Lone Oak Parkway

Eagan, Minnesota 55121-9650

All garnishment summonses and payroll requests must be served at this address.

We provide service of process of United States Postal Service employee wage garnishments and other USPS employee payroll requests to the USPS payroll office in Eagan, Minnesota.

USPS Wage Garnishment & Payroll Service of Process

Legal Process Minnesota, LLC has the experience your looking for when serving the United States Postal Service and Postal Rate Commission payroll offices with a wage garnishment summons or other payroll request.

Administrative Wage Garnishment

The "Administrative Wage Garnishment" is a request for garnishment of salaries of employees of the Postal Service and the Postal Rate Commission.

USPS Authorized Agent

The General Counsel is the authorized agent for receipt of legal process against the Postal Service.

The sole agent for service of garnishment process directed to the pay of Postal Service employees and employees of the Postal Rate Commission is the Manager. The Authorized Agent shall have sole authority to receive service of legal process in the nature of a garnishment. View the United States Postal Service "Code of Federal Regulations" for complete details.

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