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Minnesota Subpoena for Out-of-State Court Case

To secure a Minnesota Subpoena Duces Tecum to produce records in an out-of-state court case, or to take a third-party deposition in Minnesota for an out-of-state case, or to subpoena a witness to provide testimony in a court case pending in another state, the foreign subpoena must be allowed and properly noticed under the laws of the jurisdiction where the court case is venued, then filed with and issued by the appropriate Minnesota District Court Administrator thereby domesticating it in Minnesota.

Fortunately, Legal Process Minnesota is authorized to secure a domesticated foreign subpoena in Minnesota at the relevant Minnesota District Court on your behalf.

Once the subpoena is domesticated in Minnesota, Legal Process Minnesota can move forward with Service of Process of the foreign subpoena in Minnesota.

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Domesticating Subpoenas in Minnesota is Our Greater Area of Specialization

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Legal Process Minnesota has 30 plus years of experience processing subpoenas. Our subpoena specialist understands the Minnesota subpoena procedure, the documents required by the Minnesota District Court to issue a foreign subpoena, and we are accustomed to Minnesota Court Administration locations.

Legal Process Minnesota handles time-sensitive subpoena requests carefully, in an expedient manner. To provide you with prompt and proficient subpoena service, we maintain a presence in nine Minnesota counties surrounding the Twin Cities metro area, including Minneapolis, MN, and St. Paul, MN.

Legal Process Minnesota is available to perform the duties of Record Deposition Officer to accommodate an out-of-state subpoena.

How to Domesticate a Foreign Subpoena in Minnesota

Legal Process Minnesota is authorized to have foreign subpoenas domesticated in Minnesota.

Our subpoena service handles all the precise details for you, including paying the Minnesota District Court filing fee.

To domesticated an out-of-state subpoena in Minnesota, the foreign subpoena and the Minnesota CV101 Subpoena Form (Download PDF) need to be filed with Minnesota District Court Administrator in the county where the discovery is requested.

To make your job easier and less time-consuming, we will complete the Minnesota subpoena form for you according to the information you provide on the foreign subpoena.

Our subpoena specialist will deliver the subpoena to the appropriate Minnesota District Court who will issue it. The Minnesota Court Administrator will sign, date, and affix the court seal, thereby establishing authority in Minnesota.

Once the subpoena is domesticated, our subpoena process server will attempt to serve the subpoena immediately upon the person or entity from whom the discovery is sought.

To expedite the issuance and service of an out-of-state subpoena, we are happy attach our check to pay the Minnesota subpoena witness fee in advance for you.

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"We take subpoenas very seriously. Domesticating a foreign subpoena in Minnesota is a highly responsible and accountable assignment, and it is a task best left to an expert."

Establish Authority of a Foreign Jurisdiction Subpoena in Minnesota

Procedures to have a foreign subpoena accepted and acknowledged in Minnesota.

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  • To command the production of records or appearance of a Minnesota witness, start by observing the rules of the jurisdiction where the action is pending.
  • Complete the foreign jurisdiction subpoena according to your demands.
  • Determine who the subpoena is for and the address for service of process in Minnesota. Set the place, date, and time for taking a deposition of a third-party witness, or for the production of documents.
  • Turn to Minnesota Subpoena Rule 45. of the Minnesota Rules of Civil Procedure and confirm if there are additional requirements imposed by local Minnesota rules. It is important to note that the subpoena must abide by all state rules and statutes related to discovery.
  • Complete the Minnesota CIV101 Subpoena Form (Download PDF). The MN CIV101 is required to be filed in the correct Minnesota District Court.
  • Attach any required documentation according to MN Rule 45. Subpoena.
  • You can email the foreign subpoena to Legal Process Minnesota and advise us of the fee to attach for the Minnesota subpoena witness fees.
  • Our subpoena specialist will deliver the subpoena to the appropriate Minnesota District Court to sign, date, and affix the court seal, thereby establishing authority in Minnesota.
  • Upon domestication of the foreign subpoena in Minnesota, our subpoena process server attempts to serve the subpoena immediately.
  • At the time of Service of Process of the subpoena, we emphasize the importance of the subpoena and caution the recipient of the consequences of disobeying a court-ordered subpoena.

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Minnesota Subpoena Witness Fee

  • For attending in any action or proceeding in any court of record or before any officer, person or board authorized to the take examination of witnesses, $20 for each day.
  • For roundtrip to and from the place of attendance, to be estimated from the witness's residence, if within the state, or from the boundary line of the state where the witness crossed it, if without the state, 28 cents per mile.
  • One-day's attendance and travel fees are to be paid in advance.
  • No person is obliged to attend as a witness in any civil case unless one day's attendance and travel fees are paid or tendered the witness in advance.

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