Domesticate a Foreign Subpoena in Minnesota

Oftentimes it is essential that you obtain discovery in the state where a court case is pending.

To subpoena Minnesota business records, subpoena someone in Minnesota to produce evidence, or subpoena the deposition of a nonparty witness, the out-of-state subpoena requires domestication in Minnesota before service of process is executed.

Legal Process Minnesota is your expert source to issue and serve a foreign Subpoena in Minnesota

Legal Process Minnesota has worked with subpoenas for more than 30 years. Domesticating and serving an out-of-state subpoena in Minnesota is hands-down our greater area of specialization.

We are the #1 choice of law firms and insurance companies to issue a foreign subpoena in Minnesota

When law firms and insurance companies need an out-of-state subpoena issued and served in Minnesota, they turn to us. We understand the Minnesota subpoena procedure, we know the Minnesota subpoena form, and we are familiar with the Minnesota Judicial District Courts that domesticate out-of-state Subpoenas.

Streamline the Issuance and Serving a Foreign Subpoena in Minnesota

To quickly and easily domesticate a foreign subpoena in Minnesota, email the out-of-state Subpoena to us. Our local Minnesota subpoena specialist will handle everything for you. We will issue the out-of-state Subpoena at the correct Minnesota District Court Administration. Once domesticated, our subpoena process server will proceed with serving the foreign Subpoena promptly.

We are authorized to issue and serve a foreign subpoena in Minnesota for Minnesota Subpoena Duces Tecum, Minnesota Deposition Subpoena, and Minnesota Witness Subpoena to testify at a court hearing.

We also effect service of process of federal court subpoenas.

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Initiate a Foreign Jurisdiction Subpoena in Minnesota

Command Production of Evidence or Records, Appearance at a Deposition, or Command a Witness to Appear and Testify at Court

Start by observing the rules of the jurisdiction where the case is pending. Apply Minnesota Subpoena Rule 45 of the MN Rules of Civil Procedure, and confirm there are no additional requirements imposed by local Minnesota rules.

If you have any questions, our subpoena specialist is available to assist you.

Establish Authority of a Foreign Jurisdiction Subpoena in Minnesota

Procedures to Have Your Foreign Subpoena Accepted in Minnesota

  • The Minnesota CIV101 Subpoena Form is required to domesticate an out-of-state subpoena in Minnesota.
  • Complete the Minnesota subpoena form according to your demands.
  • Determine who the subpoena is for and the address for service of process.
  • Set the place, date, and time for taking the deposition of a nonparty witness, for the production of records, or to command a witness to appear in court to give testimony.
  • Attach all required documentation according to MN Rule 45. Subpoena procedure.
  • Email the Subpoena to Legal Process Minnesota and advise us of witness fees you need us to advance and attached to the subpoena before service.
  • Our subpoena specialist will hand-deliver the subpoena to the appropriate Minnesota District Court, who will sign, date, and affix the court seal, thereby establishing authority in Minnesota.
  • Once the subpoena is confirmed in Minnesota, our subpoena server will commence with service of process immediately.
  • We emphasize the importance of the subpoena to the recipient and caution them of the consequences of disobeying a court-ordered subpoena.
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"We take subpoenas very seriously. Issuing and serving an out-of-state subpoena in Minnesota is a highly responsible and accountable assignment, and it is a task best left to the experts."

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Minnesota Subpoena Witness Fee

According to Minnesota Statute § 357.22, fees to be paid to witnesses shall be as follows:

  • For attending in any action or proceeding in any court of record or before any officer, person or board authorized the take examination of witnesses, $20 for each day.
  • For roundtrip travel estimated from the witness’s residence at .28 cents per mile.
  • One day's attendance and travel fees are to be paid in advance.

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Describe the service you need and receive a guaranteed service quote.


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