Our specialty is serving subpoenas in Minnesota. We are also authorized to domesticate and serve an out of state Minnesota subpoena duces tecum, deposition subpoena, witness subpoena and foreign subpoenas.

Complete the Minnesota civil subpoena form according to your needs. When you are ready, we will properly issue and serve your out of state subpoena in Minnesota. If you have any questions, our subpoena service can help.

How to Issue and Serve an Out of State Subpoena in Minnesota

You can domesticate an out of state subpoena in Minnesota for subpoena duces tecum, subpoena for taking deposition, witness subpoena and foreign subpoena.

  • Download and complete the official Minnesota Rule 45 Subpoena Form CIV101
  • Determine who the subpoena is for and the address for service
  • Set the place, date and time for the deposition, witness testimony, or production of documents
  • Prepare and attach all required documents
  • Email the subpoena packet to Legal Process Minnesota and our subpoena specialist will hand-deliver it to the respective Minnesota court administrator for issuing and domesticating in Minnesota
  • Our subpoena server will serve the out of state subpoena without delay

Out of State Subpoena Filing Fees

The court filling fee for an out of state subpoena in Minnesota is $16.00 for each named party to be served. The Minnesota subpoena fee is payable at the time the court administrator issues the subpoena. This will complete domesticating your out of state subpoena in Minnesota. Any witness fee payment to the party is your responsibility.

Serve a Minnesota Subpoena

You cannot serve a Minnesota subpoena yourself. Subpoenas must be served by a disinterested third party who is at least 18 years of age.

To ensure the proper service of a subpoena, it's a good idea to hire a trained and professional subpoena server. The subpoena server will emphasize the importance of the Subpoena, and mention the consequences for failure to obey the subpoena.

To serve the subpoena, deliver a copy to the person named, or leave a copy at the person's usual place of abode with a person of suitable age and discretion who resides therein.

Minnesota Subpoena Witness Fees

  • Fees to be paid to witnesses for attending any action or proceeding in court or before any officer, person or board authorized to take examination of witnesses is $20.00 for each day.
  • For round trip travel estimated from the witness's residence at .28¢ per mile round trip. If a witness lives outside the state, travel costs shall be estimated from the boundary line of the state where the witness crossed into Minnesota at at .28¢ per mile. (Additional fees may be available for out of state witnesses).
  • A person is not obligated to attend as a witness in a civil case unless one day's attendance and travel fees are paid in advance unless the subpoena is issued on behalf of the state of Minnesota, or the state's officer or agent.
  • A witness is entitled to reasonable compensation for the time and expenses involved in preparing for and giving testimony or producing documents and is entitled to have the amount of those expenses determined before complying with the subpoena.

We are are happy to advance court filing fees and witness fees to expedite the process of issuing a Minnesota subpoena.

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Download the Minnesota Civil Subpoena Form CIV101. This form is used to issue an out of state subpoena in Minnesota.

Minnesota Subpoena Rules - MN Court Rule 45.

Learn about the Minnesota Rule 45. Subpoena

Out of State Subpoena for Interstate Deposition and Discovery

Minnesota Court Rules of Civil Procedure govern out of state subpoenas for interstate depositions and discovery.

Refer to Minnesota Subpoena Rule 45.06 Interstate Depositions and Discovery.

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