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With 30 years of experience assisting lawyers, business owners, and pro se parties with their legal procedural needs, Legal Process Minnesota brings execution capabilities unrivaled by other legal support service companies in Minnesota.


Legal Process Minnesota LLC was founded in 2010 following a combined 21 years of employment in the judicial systems of the State of South Dakota and the State of Minnesota where I acquired the knowledge, skills, and experience to perform legal support services for law firms, businesses, and folks like you. These qualities give me the wisdom and insight to know what you want and how you want it done.


Our Mission at Legal Process Minnesota is to deliver reliable legal support services with integrity and ingenuity applied with a common-sense approach to legal communities and general societies nationwide.

Customer Service

Our dedication to customer service enables Legal Process Minnesota to effectively respond to the ever-changing demands of the legal industry and our clients. Reflected in the quality of service our clients receive, our responsibilities are to respond quickly with thoroughness and efficiency to maintain the highest level of performance.

Specialized Services

While focusing on the legal support services we excel at, Legal Process Minnesota can provide our clients with a high level of experience, knowledge, and professionalism in those select legal support service areas.

The primary legal support services Legal Process Minnesota offers are process serving, subpoena service, notary and apostille services, and sheriff sales assistance.


Our purpose is to simplify the process of serving parties and witnesses in legal proceedings while delivering results sure to surpass your expectations.

I look forward to working with you!

Christine A. Heuer, Owner

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