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They were very quick and responsive. It is hard to get foreign subpoenas quickly and efficiently, and they removed the inconvenience associated with it. Nathan

Legal Process Minnesota, LLC

Minnesota Process Server

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Subpoena Service

Minnesota District Court Subpoena, Federal Subpoena, Subpoena Duces Tecum, Minnesota Rule 45 - Action Pending in Foreign Jurisdiction.

We will issue and serve your Minnesota District Court Subpoena, Minnesota Rule 45 Foreign Subpoena and we'll advance your fees.

When you need an out-of-state witness to produce records, testify at a deposition, or give testimony in court, Legal Process Minnesota, LLC will issue your foreign subpoena in the proper Minnesota District Court.

Just complete the Minnesota Judicial Branch Civil Subpoena and attach your out of state subpoena along with any supporting documents then upload them using our Order Form. Our Minnesota process servers will handle the rest.

Rule 45.Subpoena

Minnesota Office of the Revisor of Statutes - CIVIL PROCEDURE

What About Witness Fees?

A witness is entitled to witness fees attached to the subpoena upon service.  Want us to advance your witness fees?  No problem.  Ask us about advancing the court filing fee to issue the subpoena and the statutory witness fees to secure your witness.