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Legal Process Minnesota has over 30 years of experience providing legal support services to law groups, companies, and communities nationwide.

With our in-depth knowledge and experience, we can execute legal support services correctly with efficiency.

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Legal Support Services That Accomplish Exactly What You Need The First Time

Process Service

Our Minnesota process servers do whatever it takes to serve your legal documents quickly, accurately, and in full compliance with the law. We pay careful attention and give quick response time to each service of process request we receive. Get more information about our Legal Process Service.

Subpoena Service

We specialize in domesticating and serving foreign subpoenas in Minnesota. We are authorized to issue and serve trial court subpoena duces tecum, deposition subpoena, and witness subpoenas. We also serve federal court subpoenas. Get further details about our Minnesota Subpoena Service.

Mobile Notary

You may need a mobile notary or a loan signing agent to travel to you, or your client, at a convenient time and place. You can rely on our notary public to do just that. Know more about our Minnesota Mobile Notary.

Sheriff Sale Representation

Contact our sheriff's sale representative to attend a mortgage foreclosure sale on your behalf. Our sheriff's auction representative will appear in person at a sheriff's sale to place the opening bid. Learn more about our Sheriff Sales.

Why Choose Our Legal Support Services?

We Are Committed To Our Clients

We meet deadlines, keep your costs low, and handle information confidentially.

There are many complex, complicated, and time-consuming elements of litigation, and we strive to make sure the legal service we perform is not among them.

You can be confident that we will manage your legal documents properly, timely, and securely.

We Operate With Efficiency

We pay careful attention to the small details to ensure you receive prompt and worry-free service.

We check and recheck every service assignment we receive to confirm we have everything in place to perform service correctly the first time.

Timely and Proficient Legal Support Services Available to Clients Nationwide

We are prepared and ready to serve you.

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With enthusiasm and passion, Legal Process Minnesota performs legal support services for large and small law firms, business owners, and individuals nationwide.

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