Legal Process Service

Legal process service is Service of Process. Service of process is the procedure where a party to a legal action gives proper notice of initial legal action to another party in a lawsuit.

Giving notice is a required part of every legal proceeding in Minnesota. The Minnesota Rules of Civil Procedure require that you provide notice to all parties of a legal action. This procedure ensures each party is properly served and has an opportunity to respond to the lawsuit. If you do not properly serve notice, the court may dismiss your case. Therefore, it is important to complete all process serving requirements in Minnesota.

Notice is usually given by having all the legal documents hand-delivered to the intended party by a private process server or the sheriff. Once service of process is accomplished, your legal action is ready to move forward to the next step.

Work With Our Legal Process Server to Ensure Proper Service of Process

To ensure you receive proper service of process of your legal documents, our process servers comply with the Minnesota process serving requirements outlined in the MN Court Rules.

Our process server will serve the person or party you specify in a proficient and timely manner. In most cases, our process server will serve your legal documents much sooner than the sheriff's department.

After the process server completes service, the process server will sign an affidavit of service. The affidavit of service describes the service details such as the date, time, place, and method the process server used to achieve service. The affidavit of service will first be emailed to you . Then the original will be mailed to you for filing in the court file.

Legal Documents We Serve

*We serve every kind of legal document

  • Subpoena
  • Summons and Complaint, Petition
  • Divorce or Dissolution
  • Small Claim or Conciliation Court
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Paternity
  • Debt Collection
  • Judgment
  • Writs
  • USPS Wage Garnishment
  • Eviction
  • Foreclosure
  • Bankruptcy
  • Probate / Estate

*We do not serve Domestic Abuse Protection Order's or Harassment Orders

What's Included in Process Service

We offer flat rate pricing for all our services

Standard service in 7 to 10 days

Mileage included

Wait time up to 20 minutes

One address, multiple attempts

Status updates. Immediate notification upon service

Process Server Affidavit of Service

Emailed Affidavit of Service and original mailed

Printing up to 50 pages, .05¢ per page thereafter

Process Service Delivery Options

Process service available in your choice of delivery times

  • Same Day Service - 11:00 a.m. CST document deadline
  • Priority Rush Service - Next day service
  • Rush Service - Service in 3 days
  • Standard Service - Service in 7 to 10 days
  • Specific Date and Time Service - Service when you need it
  • Unique Service - If you have a project that requires special attention, we have the resources to help you.

Service on the State of Minnesota

Serving the State of Minnesota is done by delivering a copy to the Minnesota attorney general, a deputy attorney general, or an assistant attorney general.

Minnesota's current Attorney General is Keith Ellison who assumed office in January, 2019.

Contact our process servers in Minnesota for Service of Process on the State of Minnesota.

Service through the Minnesota Secretary of State

In the event our MN process server cannot complete service of process at a company's registered office address, the document may be served through the Minnesota Secretary of State.

Service is completed by submitting: two copies of the document to be served, an "Affidavit of Not Found" showing that service was attempted at the registered office address, the applicable filing fee of $50 for Foreign Corporations and $35 for Minnesota Corporations and all other entity types when submitted by mail. $70 for Foreign Corporations and $55 for Minnesota Corporations and all other entity types for expedited service in-person.

Call our Minnesota process server for additional information about service of process at the MN Secretary of State Office.

We're Available and Ready to Serve You!

Legal support services available to clients nationwide from our office in Minnesota.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Service of Process in Minnesota

How much does it cost to hire a legal process server in Minnesota?

When you hire a MN process server, you can expect to pay $45.00 to $100.00 or higher for the cost of routine process service in Minnesota. You should anticipate paying a greater fee if you require the process server to perform rush process service or same day process service. When you hire Legal Process Minnesota process servers, the mileage fee for service is included in our process service rate.

Who can serve legal documents in Minnesota?

  • A person who is at least 18 years of age and not a party to the legal action or lawsuit can serve legal documents in Minnesota
  • A disinterested adult who does not have an interest in the outcome of the lawsuit can serve legal documents in Minnesota
  • A private process server who is trained and skillful is an ideal choice to serve legal documents in Minnesota
  • A Sheriff and a sheriff's deputy also serve legal documents in Minnesota

According to Minnesota process serving rules, "Unless otherwise ordered by the court, the sheriff or any other person not less than 18 years of age and not a party to the action may make service of a summons or other process."

What kind of papers can a MN process server serve?

A Minnesota process server can serve just about every kind of legal paper that needs to be served. There is an exclusion for service of an Order for Protection, meaning a domestic abuse order, and a Harassment Order. These legal documents need to be served by a law enforcement officer due to the high probability of an arrest followed by criminal charges should a violation occur.

How do you serve court papers on someone in Minnesota?

When serving papers on someone in Minnesota, if mandatory, a MN process server must execute service by delivering a copy to the individual, personally. Another way to serve papers on someone in Minnesota is to leave the papers with someone else, i.e. substitute service. Substitute service is an appropriate way to serve someone with court papers in Minnesota under certain requirements.

To serve papers in Minnesota from another state, the MN process server must understand and abide by the process serving rules and requirements of the issuing court jurisdiction.

What are the Minnesota requirements to serve papers on someone else?

The requirements for leaving papers with another person in Minnesota is governed by the Minnesota service of process rules. The process server is required to know if the document to be served is allowed to be sub served to another person other than the intended party or not. Someone else can accept service of documents on behalf of another person when certain kinds of documents are served.

Can I be served legal documents for somebody else?

Yes, you can be served legal documents for someone else in Minnesota. Not all legal documents are allowed to be sub served in Minnesota. Before a Minnesota process server can leave the papers with someone else, the process server must confirm the following is accurate:

  • The documents are allowed to be sub served
  • The service address is the usual place of abode (residence) of the person to be served
  • The person accepting the papers also resides at the residence with the person to be served
  • The person accepting the papers is of suitable age and discretion

What is suitable age and discretion to accept service of process in Minnesota?

In Minnesota, 14 years of age is considered suitable age for accepting service of process. The process server should act upon their own wisdom and judgment (discretion) when deciding whether or not to leave legal documents with a 14 year old. It's worth noting, if a process server leaves documents with a 14 year old, although it is legal in Minnesota, an expert process server would not overlook or disregard minor details that could affect the validity of "service of process" later.

How long does it take to serve documents on someone in Minnesota?

The expected length of time it takes to serve someone court papers in Minnesota is 7 to 10 days for routine service after hiring our MN process servers. Depending on the circumstances, it could take 14 days (two weeks) to perfect service. You'll want to allow enough time for the process server to complete service and deliver the original affidavit of service to you for filing with the court. If time is crucial, you should request rush service. You can choose from three levels of rush service; today, tomorrow, or the third day.

What happens if court papers cannot be served in Minnesota?

When court papers cannot be served in Minnesota, service of process may be accomplished using an alternative method of service. These methods are:

  • USPS Forwarding Address Service
  • Service of Process attempted at the persons place of employment
  • Service of Process by publication in a legal newspaper. Most jurisdictions require a court order for this process
  • Service of Process through the Minnesota Secretary of State Office if serving a Minnesota corporation