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What is a Subpoena?

A subpoena or a witness summons is a writ issued by a government agency, most often a court, to compel testimony by a witness or production of evidence under a penalty for failure.

Issue and Serve a Minnesota Subpoena

Legal Process Minnesota will handle it for you. 

Subpoena for Witnesses

Deposition Subpoena

Subpoena Duces Tecum

Out of State Subpoena

Federal Subpoena

MN Rule 45 Foreign Subpoena for Interstate Depositions and Discovery

A subpoena for attendance at a deposition to be taken in Minnesota, to produce documents, records and permit inspection of premises for an action pending in a foreign jurisdiction, may be issued by the Minnesota court administrator.


You probably don’t have time to wait for weeks to receive the Minnesota Rule 45 Subpoena from the Minnesota Court Administrator. Legal Process Minnesota will get the wheels turning and handle it for you. We will issue the Minnesota Subpoena at the MN court that coincides with the Service of Process jurisdiction. After issuance, we will proceed with Service of Process.


You will find instructions about the Minnesota Rule 45 Subpoena for Interstate Depositions and Discovery below.

Minnesota Court Rules – Civil Procedure – Minnesota Rule 45 Subpoena

Subpoena Fees? No worries. We’ve got you covered!

The Minnesota District Courts charges a minimal administrative fee for issuance of a subpoena, and a witness is entitled to witness fees upon service of the subpoena.

Ask us about advancing your court filing fee and witness fees for attendance and mileage allowed by law to secure your witness.

You will find instructions about fees to be paid to witnesses on the third page of the MN Subpoena form below.

Complete the Minnesota Judicial Branch Civil Subpoena form below and attach your foreign subpoena along with any supporting documents. Email your PDF through our secure email server and our legal process service will handle the rest, including advancing your fees, when requested.

Minnesota Judicial Branch Civil Subpoena

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