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Twin Cities Metro, West Metro and South Central Minnesota Legal Support Services 

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Legal Process Service

Get your legal documents where they need to go – Fast. Conveniently place your order by email, phone, fax, mail, FedEx® or UPS®. We are ready to Serve for you!

Sheriff Sales

When your schedule doesn’t allow you to be in two places at one time, we will appear in-person at the Sheriff’s foreclosure sale to bid on your behalf.

Subpoena Service

Minnesota State Court Subpoena, Federal Subpoena, Deposition Subpoena, Subpoena Duces Tecum, and Minnesota Rule 45.06 Subpoena- Action Pending in a Foreign Jurisdiction.

Notary Public Signing Agent

Notary Signing Agent for Mortgage loan, Reverse Mortgage loan, Structured Settlement, Annuity, Debt Resolution, Automobile loan, and Apostille Authentication, Etc.

Service of Process Handling Time

 Our legal support services are available in your choice of delivery options so you stay in complete control of your deadline.

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Twin Cities Metro, West Metro and South Central Minnesota
Twin Cities Metro, West Metro and South Central Minnesota Legal Support Services. Legal Process Service, Sheriff Sales, Subpoena Service, Notary Signing Agent.