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Minnesota Process Servers

Legal Process Minnesota are local Minnesota Process Servers that have 30 plus years of industry experience. Together with our dedication to excellence and professionalism, we fulfill the Service of Process needs of government agencies, law firms, businesses, and private citizens.

When serving papers in Minnesota, our process servers are essentially a remote extension of you and your law firm. Our local Minnesota Process Servers are well-dressed, polite professionals whose appearance and approach give your legal documents the respect they demand.

We provide Service of Process in Minnesota for legal documents from anywhere in the United States. We serve many types of legal documents such as Civil Summons and Complaint, State and Federal Subpoenas, Petition, Citation, Motion, Small Claim, Wage Garnishment, Dissolution of Marriage, Child Support, Child Custody, Paternity, Adoption, Probate, Bankruptcy, Foreclosure Notice, and many more.

Certified Process Server

A Certified Process Server is a process server who receives education and training in process serving. We achieve continuing education, training, and certification from a State of Minnesota approved trainer of government staff and private process servers in Minnesota.

The Minnesota Rules of Civil Procedure govern process serving in Minnesota and are well-known to us. When you send us documents from another state for Service of Process in Minnesota, we must follow the process serving rules in the jurisdiction where the court case is pending.

Skilled Process Server

As a skilled process server, persistence, and patience are at the top of our list. When we encounter a difficult situation, we remain fully prepared to apply creative thinking and quick action, resulting in a 99% Service of Process success rate.

Service of Process in days, not weeks

It's our view that process service should not take two weeks to complete. Legal Process Minnesota typically delivers Routine Service of Process in 7 to 10 days. We keep you informed of each service attempt we make and notify you when Service of Process is complete.

At Your Service

When you hire Legal Process Minnesota Process Servers, you receive knowledgeable and personable customer service throughout the course of our service. You can trust that Legal Process Minnesota operates with professional ethics and tenacity.

Legal Process Minnesota is so confident the process service we perform is legal and valid that we will defend the circumstances against any challenges.

Request Process Service today

To request our legal process service, begin by uploading the documents you need service of process for on our Place An Order page. You may also email your documents directly to us. Legal Process Minnesota will serve your legal documents without delay.

Service of Process Rates and Turnaround Time

Legal Process Minnesota provides you with guaranteed flexible pricing in our three service levels. Choose the service that best fits your time frame.


Starting at $85

Service of Process is complete in 7 to 10 days.


Starting at $115

Service of Process is complete in 48 hours.


Starting at $135

Service of Process is complete the same day.

11 AM CDT deadline.

Our Process Service Includes These Essential Features

Three Service of Process attempts

Three service attempts to one address on different days at different times. Our legal process server makes service attempts in the morning, afternoon, and evening, including weekends.

Status updates

We keep you informed of our service attempts and report them to you via email while the process server is at the service location.


Legal Process Minnesota does not charge mileage fees unless the situation is unusual. Otherwise, mileage is included in the process service rate.

Affidavit of Service

You will receive an affidavit of service personalized to your case file and emailed to you before mailing the original.

You Can Count on Our Minnesota Process Servers

Just ask our clients.

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Registered Agent Process Service

registered agent process service

Service of Process on Minnesota corporations and foreign corporations

Corporations appoint registered agents to accept service of legal notices on their behalf in the event of a lawsuit. Legal Process Minnesota provides Service of Process to all Minnesota registered agents.

Our Minnesota Process Servers routinely serve registered agent firms in Minnesota

United States Postal Service Process Service

usps wage garnishment eagan mn

Service of Process of USPS Wage Garnishments and USPS Employee Payroll Deduction Notices

Our process server serves wage garnishments and payroll requests directly to the United States Postal Service Payroll Office in Eagan, Minnesota.

Service of Process of USPS Wage Garnishments and USPS Payroll Deduction Notices are hand-delivered to the United States Postal Service Processing Branch in Minnesota.

Eagan Accounting Service Center

United States Postal Service Payroll Processing Branch

2825 Lone Oak Parkway

Eagan, Minnesota 55121

Process Service through the Minnesota Secretary of State

The Great Seal of the State of Minnesota

The Minnesota Secretary of State accepts Service of Process for domestic and foreign companies

When the company you are trying to serve is on file with the Minnesota Secretary of State, and Service of Process can not be done at the registered office address, Legal Process Minnesota prepares and arranges service through the Minnesota Secretary of State.

Obtain service through the Minnesota Secretary of State

Legal Process Minnesota handles everything for you for Service of Process through the Minnesota Secretary of State. We prepare the documents, advance the filing fee, and file the paperwork. When service is complete, we forward the filed paperwork to you.

The filing fee for Service of Process through the Minnesota Secretary of State is $50 for foreign corporations and $35 for Minnesota corporations and all other entity types. The filing fee for expedited service through the Minnesota Secretary of State is $55. Ask us about advancing your filing fee.

Process Service Available to Clients Nationwide

Prepared and ready to serve for you.


Receive a guaranteed quote by email.


Receive a guaranteed quote by email.